Joshua Horkey / "Art Is My Oxygen" Interview

I was recently interviewed for Art Is My Oxygen. So stoked on the opportunity to share what I’m doing with my art. (link below)
Please take some time to read it.

Author, Nicole Gordon describes Art Is My Oxygen as; "I have interviewed over 160 artists from around the globe these past few years and am also an Editorial Contributor and Press Liaison for SOLD Magazine as well as an Author for Beautiful Bizarre Magazine. My goal is to interview more artists, curators, photographers, gallery owners and collectors so that their voices may be heard, too.

My mission is to have you look at the world in a different way and make sure you see the beauty in all that surrounds you. If just one of you appreciates your surroundings in a more positive light, then I would have accomplished what I had set out to do... to show you life in a more artistic and creative way."

Special THANKS to @nicolemgordonfor the interview and support.

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